What Are the Best Golfer’s Elbow Braces?

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What is Golfer’s elbow?
The condition originally got it’s name as many Golfer’s suffered from it. It is also known by the medical term medial epicondylitis. It occurs on the inside of the elbow when you constantly grip something hard.

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How do you know if you have Golfer’s elbow?
If you feel pain on the inner side of your elbow that spreads to your forearm and wrist you may have it. Golfers are not the only ones that develop the condition. Tennis players and others can also develop it.

The condition occurs when the muscles, ligaments, or tendons on the inner side of the elbow become torn. This tear causes these soft tissues to become inflamed, restricts your movement, and causes pain.

The main cause of the condition is overuse of the forearm muscles. Activities that cause it put a repetitive and prolonged strain on these muscles. When you have it, you feel pain on the inside of your upper forearm.

However, you may also feel pain from the elbow joint to the wrist. Your arm may feel weak, and you may also feel tingling and numbness. You may suffer from stiffness in your arm as well.

How can you relieve Golfer’s elbow pain?
You may be able to relieve your pain by using a golfer’s elbow brace. Golfer’s elbow braces fit the shape of your forearm and are comfortable to wear. Many of these braces are suitable for tennis elbow pain as well.

Golfer’s elbow braces provide compression, which helps relieve pain. They may also provide warmth, which helps with circulation. They are designed to help you have better elbow function and more arm endurance. They can also improve circulation and joint functions. There are several braces from which to choose.

Three braces you may want to consider are the Breg Neoprene Elbow Sleeve, the Dr. Bakst Tennis/Golf Magnetic Forearm Brace, and the Bioskin Tennis Elbow Skin/Strap. Each of these braces can help with your golfer’s elbow pain.

The Dr. Bakst brace is one of the most popular magnetic braces for golfer’s elbow. This brace costs $35.00. The Breg brace is also a good choice, and it retails for $19.95. At $28.95, the Bioskin brace is a good value. Because of its excellent construction and quality, the Dr. Bakst brace may be the best golfer’s elbow brace for your money.

These prices have been referenced from Braceshop.com.

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