What Are the Best ACL Knee Braces?

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How do you injure your ACL?
Your ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament in your knee. It is one of the ligaments that connects the upper leg bone to the lower leg bone.

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Ligaments are flexible bands of tissue that attach bones together. The ACL, connects your femur (thigh bone) to your tibia (shin bone) and helps to keep your knee joint stable.

The ACL is especially at risk when doing certain sports such as basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, football and soccer. If you play sports like these you put a lot of stress on your knee. When you pivot, twist, suddenly change direction, and jump your ACL could tear.

It could also tear if your knee is hyperextended (knee joint goes back more than is normal). An ACL injury occurs when the ligament in your knee tears. When this ligament tears your knee may feel like it is loose. It feels unstable like it may “give out.”

What are the symptoms of an ACL injury?
Extreme pain right after you sustain the injury.

You may have hears a pop or crack at the time of injury.

Swelling of your knee which can be widespread but can also be minor or delayed.

You may feel like you cannot straighten your leg.

You may feel tenderness around the injured area.

Your knee may feel unstable.

When you injure your ACL you may want to use a brace.

Why use a knee brace for an ACL injury?
There are many ACL knee braces on the market to choose from. ACL knee braces help with mild to severe injuries. You can wear many types of braces while playing contact sports. ACL knee braces help you increase your activity level by providing support and protection.

ACL knee braces can help your injured ACL to heal while allowing you freedom of movement. ACL knee braces can help reduce your pain by keeping the knee stable. The following braces provide level IV (maximum) protection.

The Townsend Rebel PRO Ligament Brace, the Breg Fusion XT Ligament Brace, and the DonJoy FULLFORCE Ligament Brace are all excellent braces to use if you have hurt your ACL. Each brace give you a high level of protection and support.

These braces cost $595.00, $515.95, and $549.95 respectively. While the Townsend is the most expensive brace it is one of the premier braces for ligament injuries. It is recommended for high intensity sports.

The above prices have been referenced from Braceshop.com.

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