Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Foot Drop Brace Review

What is Foot Drop?
Foot drop (or drop foot) is a condition that can make it difficult to move the foot at the ankle joint. It can happen after experiencing a serious accident, or after a stroke. For people with this condition, attempting to walk is very hard because the toes tend to drag along the ground.

This causes the person to trip frequently, and it can also cause serious damage to the foot. A way of adapting to this condition is to use your hip muscles to lift your foot above the ground, or to swing your leg outwards so that the foot can clear the ground. But, this style of walking is very awkward, and it is physically tiring.

Limbs that can’t easily be moved on their own need to receive special care to prevent them from being damaged. One of the best ways to treat foot drop is to use a brace that supports the foot with a leg brace and a shoe insert.

How does the Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Foot Drop Brace help Foot Drop?
This brace designed to keep the foot from pointing downwards, and it also limits how much the foot can be pulled back. This type of brace is made for people who have lost a lot of muscle strength, and who also have weakened knees.

This brace is light-weight and provides great toe support and clearance. There are different styles of braces available on the market for foot drop. But, many customers prefer the Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Foot Drop Brace because of it’s light weight and construction.

The brace is constructed out of a special hard plastic that is both durable and light. The brace is held in place by a broad band that secures the brace around the mid-calf, and it can be easily applied with one hand.

For added comfort, the plastic insole of the brace can be trimmed with a pair of scissors to provide a more unique fit. The Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Foot Drop Brace has an open heeled design, and it is built without any extra struts or loose pieces.

Instead, it features a figure 8 design that wraps around the round portion of the heel and the muscles of the lower leg to produce a superior leg brace that reduces fatigue. This makes the Ossur AFO Leaf Spring Foot Drop Brace easy to fit into most kinds of shoes, and it can be discreetly worn under street clothing.

The point of bracing is to help people to walk with a comfortable and normal gait. While, exercise and physical therapy will help to strengthen the muscles and to improve gait.

The eventual outcome and recovery of foot drop depends on the cause. Fortunately, studies have shown that cases of this condition that were the result of nerve damage or trauma are capable of recovering.

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