McDavid Universal Shoulder Support Review

Injuries to the shoulder joint are common because it is a poorly constructed joint. The shoulder is made out of three bones, and their supporting tissues that give the arm its mobility and strength.

Injuries are the result of damage to the tendons, muscles or ligaments of the shoulder. It is very easy to get an injury. For example, you could injure your shoulder while playing sports, or just through daily activities.

The most common problems include strains, sprains, dislocations, arthritis, and other conditions that can affect the tendons or cartilage.

How can the McDavid Universal Shoulder Support help different injuries and conditions?
The McDavid Universal Shoulder Support is designed to provide relief from sprains and strains. It is also effective in treating other conditions, such as tendinitis and bursitis, and it can help the shoulder regain strength after a dislocation.

The brace works by supporting the collar bone and the shoulder. This helps keep the shoulder and collar bone in place and prevents dislocations.

The McDavid Universal Shoulder Support is an excellent support for anyone that is on a budget, who may only need minimal support. This kind of brace is good for treating minor injuries and sprains.

How can the McDavid Universal Shoulder Support help prevent injuries?
For those who use a support for preventing injuries, this brace provides more support than taping or wrapping. It’s not uncommon for those who used to tape their shoulders to prefer a brace after wearing one.

This is because a brace is more comfortable to wear, and it is easier to apply and remove afterwards than tape. In addition, the immobilizing strap attachments provide extra support without interfering with your range of motion.

Does the McDavid Universal Shoulder Support have any drawbacks?
Unfortunately, yes. Many who’ve used the brace find that it is difficult to put on by yourself. This is because the brace is form fitting so it can be challenging to put it on with just one hand.

The brace features a half sleeve design that is pulled over the arm and covers parts of the chest. Some people who’ve worn this brace have complained that the brace is bulky, and is prone to bunching up under the arm.

In addition, the shoulder brace holds the arm out at an un-natural position, which can be tiring over long periods of time.

Lastly, finding a snug fitting shoulder brace can be a challenge if you’re ordering the brace online. Females in particular have difficulty because this brace does not accommodate for the breasts.

Is the McDavid Universal Shoulder Support worth its cost?
The reviews on the McDavid Universal Shoulder Support are mixed. For those on a budget, it is an affordable brace that provides an adequate amount of support. However, many people may find it to be difficult and uncomfortable to wear.

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