Knee Braces- Why use one for your Knee Injury?

knee braces

If you’ve hurt your knee, you’ve got to do two things to help heal your injury and prevent another one.

First, you’ve got to ice the injury. Second, you’ve got to get a good knee brace to help keep the knee stable.

Here’s why.

Knee injuries are usually caused by spraining the ligaments that hold your knee together. Your knee cap — called the Patella by your doctor — actually floats above your knee, and is held in place by ligaments and other soft tissues.

And the rest of the knee is a very complex structure. When you strain or sprain any of the soft material surrounding the knee, the knee becomes unstable, painful, and swells. It’s also more likely to become injured again with even light stress.

So, you’ve got to help limit the movement of your knee in order to help it heal. That’s why you want a knee brace.

Remember, though, that a knee brace won’t work if you continue to stress your knee beyond the capacity of the brace.

Some braces are made so that you can remain active and actually prevent an injury. Others are made to help you recover from an existing injury. Still others are just made to help offload the stress on your knee.

Whatever kind of knee brace you need, you should know that buying a knee brace used to be a hit and miss kind of thing. That’s why we’ve taken the time to help you understand your knee injury better, and to choose the right knee brace.

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Check out this video to find the difference between knee braces and knee supports and how to use them in the right way:

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