How Can Hockey Pads Help Protect Your Knees?

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What are the common knee injuries?
The knee is one of the most commonly injured body parts. This is because you use your knees for so many different activities. Sitting, standing, and running all require the use of your knees. This makes them very prone to injury.

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This is especially true if you play sports. When you play sports you often twist or turn sharply, stop suddenly, jump and run. You are also likely to fall when you play sports.

If you play hockey, you know the importance of protecting your knees. Whether you play field or ice hockey it is crucial that you use some type of protection.

Without protection you may sprain or strain your knee. A sprain or strain means that you have damaged the muscles or ligaments in your knee. You may have stretched or torn these tissues.

The most common ligament injury is an ACL injury. When you have an injury your knee may feel unstable. You may feel like it is going to “give out” from underneath you.

Walking or running may be difficult. These types of injuries can cause your knee to swell and be very painful. Fractures, dislocations, and cartilage damage are other common types of injuries.

How can pads help protect your knees?
Using hockey pads are a great idea and an excellent way to protect your knees. If you play hockey, you may want to protect your knees with hockey pads.

Hockey pads are designed to prevent injuries by giving knees extra support during strenuous activities.

They are made with high density pads that protect the knees from bumps, bruises and friction burns. Pads can protect your knees when you fall or get hit.

Not only do hockey pads protect your knees from injury, but they can help if you have a injury. They can help keep your knee stable, and this can lessen your pain and help the injury to heal. The support they give can also prevent an injury

Which hockey pads should you get?
Mueller Multi-Sport Knee Pads are just one type of pad that you can use when you play hockey.

These pads are lightweight and very durable. They give you a full range of motion because the pad’s elastic sleeve is very flexible.

These pads are comfortable to wear because they are not bulky. The Mueller pads can help protect your knees as well as support them. And you do not have to worry about friction burns with the Mueller pads.

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