Forearm Straps- Do they really help your injuries?

Forearm straps can help heal and protect the elbow from many conditions. One of the most common elbow conditions is known as tennis elbow.

This is a medical condition which causes the outer part of the elbow to become tender and sore. Many people who have it can tell you that it’s very painful. If you have it, you will have trouble moving your arm and lifting things. Fortunately, forearm straps are very helpful in preventing further injury and to help your tennis elbow to heal.

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What is tennis elbow?
Despite its name, it is not always caused by playing tennis. It’s the result of a lifetime of normal wear and tear on the muscle tendon. This wear and tear is in the form of tiny tears, known as micro tears. Tennis elbow affects people who perform repetitive arm motions, such as cashiers and athletes.

At first, the pain from it is hardly noticeable. But, after about two weeks of getting the condition, the pain will start to become more noticeable. The pain can be felt in the forearm and can go down to the wrist. This is because the tiny micro tears build up which causes the tendon to tear. When this happens, doing simple activities, such as opening doors and shaking hands can hurt a lot.

What can you do to help if you have Tennis Elbow?
Take some pain medications to help with the pain.
In case of swelling, apply ice to your forearm.
Sometimes, it can also cause the other muscles in your forearm to become overworked and strained. Over time, they can also become sore and painful. If this happens, apply a warm compress or hot water bottle to your forearm.
You can also massage your forearm to improve circulation and to help bring down the swelling.
Try to rest it as much as you can.
Finally, use a forearm strap to help support the forearm muscles.

What do you look for when shopping for a forearm straps?
When you’re shopping for a strap, it’s important that you find one that’s comfortable to wear. Lots of straps are made with a special kind of rubber which moulds around your forearm. If you have allergies, be sure to check the ingredients because a lot of straps contain latex.

The next step is to find a size that fits snuggly around your forearm. If it’s too big, it won’t help at all. If it’s too tight, it will block the circulation to the rest of your arm. You’ll know if the strap is too tight if you feel pins and needles, or if you start to lose feeling in your arm.

Do forearm straps really work?
Yes, they do help people with tennis elbow. A study out of Germany wanted to see exactly how helpful a forearm strap was for treating it. They found that people who used them recovered faster and used less pain medication than those that didn’t.

Don’t let tennis elbow get in between you and your game. If you’re suffering from the pain, using forearm straps will help your arm heal on its own. Whether you’re hitting the courts or just lifting groceries, they will help heal and protect your arm.

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