Football Knee Braces- How do they help different Football Knee Injuries?

If you play football, there’s a VERY good chance you will need a football knee brace eventually. That’s because football knee injuries are very common, what with the hundreds or thousands of pounds of the opposing team pushing, crashing, and landing on top of you. And just as often, it’s when you try to avoid that kind of rough contact that you’ll get injured during Football.

[RADS groupid=”7″ float=”right”]And it turns out that the knee is a very delicate part of your body and doesn’t like to be twisted, hit or driven into the ground. Once you’ve got a knee injury, a football knee brace will help to keep your knee stable.

There are four main kinds of football knee injuries you might have:

ACL injury.
The Anterior Cruciate Ligament can tear if you jump and land, slow down quickly from a fast run, or even just change direction. Any sport where the player wears cleats is susceptible to ACL Injuries.

MCL injury.
The Mediate Cruciate Ligament is most often damaged by a direct blow to the outside of the knee. Football players are especially prone to MCL injuries.

PCL injury.
Damaging the Posterior Cruciate Ligament is relatively uncommon. Football players can injure their PCL when an athey receive a blow to the front of their knee or step wrong on the field.

Torn Cartilage or Minuscus.
The mensicus is a rubbery, tough cartilage that is attached to the knee’s ligaments, and acts like a shock absorber. Twisting, cutting, pivoting, decelerating, or being tackled can cause a torn cartilage or miniscus in Football.

(Note: PFPS, or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, is not an injury that is necessarily related to football and does not necessarily result from an injury. Read more about PFPS and PFPS Braces here.)

Keeping your knee stable is the job of most football knee braces. Which is the best football knee brace to buy? Two of the most highly recommended football knee braces are:

  • The DonJoy Armor with Lo Pro Fource Point Hinge is a great brace for Football ACL injuries. It’s ideal for ACL instabilites, reconstructions and hyperextension, and is built with a strong 6061 T6 Aircraft aluminum frame. It’s such an advanced brace, this DonJoy brace can only be sold within the United States. It’s THAT good!
  • The Breg Fusion XT Knee Brace with Airtech is another winner, and useful for almost any kind of knee stabilization, but especially football. It features ProForm technology, which allows the brace to conform to the leg’s shape to provide a contoured fit and superior suspension and protection. This precise, contoured fit effectively “pre-tensions” the medial side of the brace. This allows the brace to engage sooner, resisting knee displacement, and greatly reduces injury-causing elongation of the ligaments.

Knee injuries can prevent you from playing even the most mild game of flag or touch football. The best football knee brace (along with the advice of your doctor) can put you back on the field almost immediately.

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