Elbow Braces- How can they help with common Elbow Injuries?

Elbow injuries can happen to anyone. Athletes who throw or swing are more likely to hurt their elbows. While people can also hurt them by falling. In most cases, doctors will suggest using elbow braces to help bring down the swelling.

Many things can cause the elbow to hurt. The most common cause of pain is tendonitis. This causes the tendons which join the muscle to the bone in the elbow to become swollen.

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Tendonitis is a common sports injury, especially if you play golf or tennis. But, you can also get tendonitis if you use your elbow a lot. Other things can cause elbow pain, such as sprains, strains, breaks and dislocations. How to treat your injury will depend on the cause.

How do you know if you have elbow tendonitis?
Tendonitis is the swelling of the muscle tendon. A swollen muscle tendon is an overuse injury. In the elbow, tendonitis happens after using the arm to perform the same motion for a long period of time. Signs of a swollen tendon are pain around the elbow, weak wrists, and trouble moving the rest of the arm. Using braces helps keep blood from getting stuck around the joint and it will bring down any swelling.

How do you know if you have an elbow sprain?
A sprain is a ligament injury, while a strain is an injury to the muscle. Ligaments are tough pieces of tissue found deep inside the joints. They are very strong and they keep the bones joined together. Sprains and strains both feel like general pain around the joint and swelling. The joint can be tender in some places, and the arm will be weak. Sprains and strains are treated with rest, pain medicine, physiotherapy and elbow braces.

How do you know if you have a broken or fractured elbow?
Broken or fractured elbows are hard to diagnose. Typical signs of a broken elbow are pain, swelling, a change in appearance and loss of motion. Being able to move the joint doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been broken.

If you think you have a broken elbow, you should keep it as still as you can until you see a doctor. Only an x-ray can show if it’s broken or not. If you’ve broken it, you will need to wear a cast. You can wear elbow braces afterwards to help strengthen the joint.

How do you know if you have dislocated your elbow?
A dislocation injury usually happens after falling on an outstretched arm. When this happens, the arm bone is knocked out of place. The arm can no longer make a straight line when it’s stretched out. The signs of an elbow dislocation are pain, swelling and obvious deformity.

You shouldn’t use elbow braces to treat an elbow dislocation before seeing a doctor. The joint should be kept still in the position it was found. You shouldn’t try to put it back in the socket by yourself. You can pinch a nerve or blood vessel if it isn’t in the right place.

Instead, you should see a doctor as soon as you can for help putting it back into place. If you ignore a broken or dislocated elbow for too long, it can cause permanent damage. Later on, you will need to wear elbow braces until the elbow is healed.

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