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Knee Supports- How can they help prevent Knee Injuries?

A dislocated knee cap, or patella, is a very common injury which typically affects young women between 16-20 years old. This injury is also known as Patella Tracking Disorder. Young female athletes, such as gymnasts, soccer players and dancers, are more likely to injure their kneecaps. But, having a family history of knee problems will […]

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What Are the Best Knee Braces for Patella Tracking Disorder?

[ad#Adsense, top of post] What is Patella tracking disorder? If you have pain or discomfort in your knee when you walk down a flight of stairs, sit for a long time, stand after sitting, or squat you may have this condition. Another sign of patella trackiing disorder occurs when you bend or straighten your leg. […]

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