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Back Braces- Types of braces and how they help your back

Have you hurt your back? Do you have congenital or chronic back problems? Then a back brace is probably what you’re looking for. Back braces generally come in two types: Rigid back braces Corset back braces Rigid Back Braces Rigid back braces are used to prevent up to 50% of the possible movement of your […]

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Back Brace Reviews- How do you choose the right one? 3 of the best reviewed

Make sure you check back brace reviews online before choosing a brace. Why? Because wearing the right one will help reduce your pain, help the injury heal a lot quicker and prevent any further damage. This is especially true if you need to bend down a lot and lift things at work. Click here to […]

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What Are the Best Back Braces & Supports for Sciatica Pain?

[ad#Adsense, top of post] What is Sciatica? The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and runs from your pelvis through your buttock and hips to the back of each of your legs. The term Sciatica is used to describe the pain that runs along the length of this nerve. Sciatica is a […]

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