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Back Braces- Types of braces and how they help your back

Have you hurt your back? Do you have congenital or chronic back problems? Then a back brace is probably what you’re looking for. Back braces generally come in two types: Rigid back braces Corset back braces Rigid Back Braces Rigid back braces are used to prevent up to 50% of the possible movement of your […]

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How Can Back Braces Help Improve Your Posture?

[ad#Adsense, top of post] How can bad posture lead to back pain? There are many things that can cause your back to hurt. One of these thing is poor posture. You could have a posture problem because of your poor postural habits when you were young. It could be related to fatigue or tired muscles. […]

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Back Supports- How can they help support the shoulders, lower and middle back?

The spine is a complex structure of muscles, bones and other tissues which start at your pelvis and extend up to your neck. Back injuries can be the result of poor lifting technique, bad posture, sports injuries or from a sudden jolt, like in a car accident. Back injuries cause a lot of pain and […]

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