Brace For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?- How does it help relieve the pain?

Ouch! If you type or sew or play or work with your hands a lot, you might need a brace for carpal tunnel syndrome. Also called Carpal Tunnel Release Syndrome, this wrist and hand pain can prevent you from doing things that you enjoy, or even working. That is why having an effective brace for carpal tunnel syndrome is so important.

Brace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Brace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - DonJoy OTS Wrist Orthosis

So what is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?  According to the National Institute of Health, there’s a area in your wrist that routes a nerve to the “thumb side” of your hand, and this area is called the “carpal tunnel”. The carpal tunnel is very narrow, so any swelling in the tunnel can pinch the nerve and cause pain, numbness, tingling or weakness.


This painful hand condition is called “carpal tunnel syndrome“, and the result is numbness and pain of fingers and palm on the thumb side of your hand. (By the way, you’re not alone if you think that a brace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will make you feel better.)

So who does Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affect? Mostly, people from 30 to 60 years old, and more often women than men. And this wrist pain can be associated with diabetes, alcoholism, mypothyroidism, and menopause, among other conditions.

So what are the treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Do you need carpal tunnel surgery? Hopefully not. While you should follow the advice of your doctor, sometimes restricting the movement of your wrist and fingers will be enough to eliminate your carpal tunnel pain.

You can use a wrist brace for carpal tunnel syndrome, or even just a splint.

Wrist Brace For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the best wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome is the Donjoy OTS Wrist Orthosis. This Donjoy carpal tunnel brace features a frame that is constructed from a high strength lightweight combination of epoxy resin, carbon fiber and kevlar composite. That makes it LIGHT and easy to wear. The liner is constructed of a high grade, open cell foam, which makes it comfy, too. And that is why the Donjoy OTS is often regarded as one of the most advanced wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome available anywhere.

Instead of using a brace for carpal tunnel syndrome, you might also try using a “treatment system” instead. The CTRAC Carpal Tunnel Treatment System was designed by physicians to decrease the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by opening the Carpal Tunnel without surgery. It works on both hands, and is used for 5 minutes 3 times a day for 4-6 weeks at home, or office producing amazing results.

You don’t need to wear it all day long, don’t need to use hand braces or splints at night, and most patients see significant results in just 1 to 2 weeks.

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome pain or numbness, it’s time to do something about it. A good brace for carpal tunnel syndrome should be comfortable and not get in your way for most of your activities. Of course, since it is designed to restrict some of your movement, you may notice it at first.

But soon enough, you will barely know your carpal tunnel brace is even there. There are many carpal tunnel braces to choose from, and one for almost any budget.

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