Back Supports- How can they help support the shoulders, lower and middle back?

The spine is a complex structure of muscles, bones and other tissues which start at your pelvis and extend up to your neck. Back injuries can be the result of poor lifting technique, bad posture, sports injuries or from a sudden jolt, like in a car accident.

Back injuries cause a lot of pain and limit your movement. Sometimes, the damage caused by these injuries can take months or even years to heal. Without a good brace, the chances of injuring your back again are high.

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What types of supports are there?
Support for the shoulders
Do you ever find yourself slouching on your computer?

Back supports are designed to improve your posture. They work by training your shoulder muscles to stay back. They’re made out of a lightweight material which can be comfortably worn over or under clothing. Having great posture is very important. It not only helps you breathe better, but it also realigns your spine.

Support for the middle back
Supports are used to add support and stability to the mid and lower back region. This kind of support looks like a thick belt which wraps around the waist.

It’s used to treat injuries ranging from strains, sprains and muscle spasms. It’s also good for preventing soft tissue injuries if worn during activity. This kind of support is popular with postal employees and by people who do a lot of lifting.

They’re also great for relieving pain from standing or sitting too long. You can also use this style of support for lower back pain.

Support for the lower back
If you’re having lower back pain, you’re not alone. It’s the most common place to feel pain.

Why is that? As people grow older, muscle strength and bone density start to decrease.

Poor body mechanics can easily cause injury to this area like bad posture. Or, when someone lifts something too heavy and over stretches their spine.

There are a few supports for the lower back. Some provide excellent support for the lower back, and can also make you look slimmer! This style of brace is popular with athletes and weight lifters because it gives great support and compresses the stomach.

What can you do to prevent back pain?
When you’ve had back pain once, the pain is likely to return. It’s estimated that Americans spend at least 50 billion each year to treat this pain. It’s also the leading cause of missed days from work and job-related disabilities. But, you can prevent an injury before it happens with good back supports.

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