Back Braces- Types of braces and how they help your back

back braces

Have you hurt your back? Do you have congenital or chronic back problems? Then a back brace is probably what you’re looking for.

Back braces generally come in two types:
Rigid back braces
Corset back braces

Rigid Back Braces
Rigid back braces are used to prevent up to 50% of the possible movement of your spine. They are form-fitting hard plastic shells that wrap around you to prevent you from bending and twisting.

You’ll most often find relief using a rigid back brace if you’re recovering from fractures or broken bones, or even after a fusion surgery. Just know ahead of time that they are often hot and heavy. Do your best to find one that is light, and sufficiently ventilated.

Corset Back Braces
Corset back braces are used often by people who have weak backs and jobs (or hobbies) that require that they stress their back a lot. The purpose of a back brace is to limit the movement and maintain the alignment of your spine. The tighter the brace, the better the alignment remains. They also have the fringe benefit of simply reminding you to use good posture in whatever you do.

A more serious application of a corset back brace is for people who have had parts of their spine fused together. Spinal fusion requires significant healing, and a corset brace is often prescribed to help with that healing.

Do you have a particular injury or condition? If you do, then this back brace information will be helpful to you.

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Check out this video on corset back braces and how to use them:

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