Are Using Back Braces a Good Idea? And Can They Really Help Your Back Pain?

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If you have ever tried to lift or move a heavy object and hurt your back, you know how painful a back injury can be.

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The lower back is usually where a back injury occurs. However, there are many bones and muscles in your back. These bones, muscles, and other types of soft tissues extend from your neck to your pelvis.

You can hurt any part of your back. Besides trying to lift a heavy object, what else causes back injuries? You can experience a back injury while playing sports, while working, or from sudden jolts.

You may sprain or strain your back. You could have a herniated disk in your back. In more serious cases you could have a fractured vertebrae.

Is using a back brace for my back pain a good idea?
Back braces provide support for your spine and can help relieve some of the pain you feel. Back braces are made to fit either the lower back or the upper back.

The type of brace you will need will depend on the type and location of back pain you are experiencing.

For example, you will want to use a lumbar back brace if you have lower back pain. If you have upper back pain you may want to use a brace that helps with posture control.

Poor posture can cause upper back pain as it causes strain on back muscles. Stooping caused by osteoarthritis may also be a source of upper back pain.

Osteoarthritis is a type of arthritis of the joints that is caused by the deterioration of cartilage (a tough connective tissue) due to wear and tear with age.

Osteoarthritis usually affects the spine. You will feel pain, tenderness, stiffness and loss of flexibility in your back if you have this.

Braces can help lessen back pain that results from a number of different conditions.

Will a back brace really help my back pain?
Braces for the back not only help to decrease back pain but they also help with the healing process as well.

Some back braces help to increase the blood flow to the tissues in the back that have been damaged. This increased blood flow helps to improve your healing time.

Some back braces also provide compression which will help reduce the swelling in your back.

Back braces can help reinforce your lumbar (lower back) area, decrease your pain, reduce slouching, and increase your activity levels as they can support your back to make you stronger.

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