Ankle Supports- How do they help heal ankle sprains?

Many people have either twisted or sprained their ankle at some point during their life. In most cases, the pain disappears after a few minutes or after it’s been “walked off”. But, if your ankle becomes painful and swollen after you’ve twisted it, it’s likely that you have sprained it.

What is a sprain?
A sprain means that you’ve either stretched or torn the ligaments in your ankle. While sprains are common injuries, they are not simple ones to deal with. People who constantly get sprains can develop permanently weak ankles and joint pain.

Treating a sprain with ankle supports helps a sprain to heal properly, and to rebuild the ankle’s strength.

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What causes sprains?
Most sprains are caused by a quick movement with your foot planted which causes the ankle to roll outwards while the foot turns inwards. This causes the ligaments on the outside to stretch and sometimes tear. Sprains can be very painful, depending on how badly the ligament is injured.

With a mild sprain, the ankle will usually be stiff and swollen. You can usually walk on it, but it will be a little painful. Some people use bandages to act as light supports while their ankles heal. More serious sprains involve more tenderness and pain around the ankle. It might not be possible for you to walk.

How can Ankle Supports help?
Good supports for a moderate sprain fit over the foot like a sock and help bring down the swelling. These kinds of supports can be worn with or without shoes. But, most people prefer to leave the foot bare because the extra weight of the shoe causes strain on the ankle.

Attempting to walk with a severe sprain is almost impossible: the ankle will be very swollen and stiff, and moving it will be very painful. Doctors will sometimes recommend using a special kind of heavy-duty support known as a walking cast. This kind of support is made out of a hard plastic on the outside, and it’s lined with foam on the inside. It’s designed to keep the foot immobilized while healing takes place.

A sprain may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to heal. If a sprain doesn’t heal right, the ankle is likely to become weak and unstable. Luckily, using ankle supports will help your ankle to heal faster.

Don’t let injury slow you down. Ankle supports will help you get back on your feet, and on with your day after an injury.

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