Active Ankle VOLT Ankle Brace Review

A high ankle sprain involves damage to a large ligament found above the ankle. This ligament, known as the syndesmotic ligament, connects the ends of the two bones that make up the lower leg. This kind of sprain causes the same symptoms as regular sprains, but patients will complain of pain when the ankle is turned, or if the calf is squeezed.

If you’ve ever had this kind of injury, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be. High ankle sprains don’t heal as quickly as common sprains. This is the reason why athletes and coaches have invested a lot of time and money into preventing and treating them.

If you can’t rest, or to take time away from the activities that you enjoy, you may want to think about buying a brace. The Active Ankle VOLT Ankle Brace is Volt’s latest creation that has produced a superior and highly responsive brace.

This brace combines Active Ankle’s trademark gliding hinge design with VOLT’s rugged carbon fiber frame. Together, these features make a lightweight and durable brace that doesn’t compromise mobility.

How does the Active Ankle VOLT Ankle Brace help ankle injuries?
The brace is especially made to fit into a sports shoe., Lance Armstrong’s active living website, named it as being one of its top 10 ankle supports for its design.

The Active Ankle VOLT Ankle Brace is semi-rigid in design, and it features a pair of moulded struts that gently wrap around the ankle. This brace offers Level 4 support. This is the highest level of support available.
This brace can be used for support for an ankle injury to help it heal and to help it rebuild its strength. The Active Ankle VOLT Ankle Brace is popular with volleyball players because it offers extra stability, and it helps prevent injuries by keeping the foot aligned properly.

The underside of the brace contains a heel-lock system that is used to keep the brace in place. This brace has a stirrup design that features a white heel pad that sits under the heel. This part comes in only one size, and it can be trimmed to fit the shape of your foot.
Some brace users like to add their favorite insole on top of the stirrup for added padding. If doing so, the VOLT company suggests taking out the white heel pad first.

The VOLT brace may be stiff and uncomfortable fresh out of the box. So the VOLT company also strongly advise taking some time to break-in the brace.

Don’t let a high ankle sprain get in between you and your game. The Active Ankle VOLT Ankle Brace is the perfect solution to help your ankle to heal.

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