Achilles Braces- How can they treat your Achilles Injuries?

As many as 230,000 people in the US alone injure their Achilles tendon every year. While up to thirty million are injured around the world. The most common cause of these injuries is overuse and wearing the wrong shoes. Doctors suggest using Achilles braces to support the foot after an Achilles injury.

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What is the Achilles tendon?
The Achilles tendon, is a cord of tough tissue, which connects the heel bone to the calf muscle. Other muscles found under the foot also connect to this tendon. It was named after the Greek hero Achilles, who was shot in the heel by a poisoned arrow.

The Achilles tendon is very important and you need it to move your foot. Without it, you won’t be able to walk or stand. This tendon is also known as the the heel cord or the heel tendon.

How do you know if you have an Achilles injury?
An Achilles injury is never fatal, but it can cause a lot of pain. The pain from this injury can range from a dull ache, to a piercing pain. These injuries can happen to anyone. But, athletes and people who walk a lot are more likely to get injured.

If you have high or low arches in your foot, or uneven leg lengths, your chances of hurting your Achilles are a lot higher. You will need to see a doctor who specializes in foot conditions to diagnose it. They will give you a prescription for a special kind of shoe insert, called an orthotic, made for you. Switching from running shoes and high heels, or making sudden changes in training also leads to Achilles damage.

A damaged Achilles is very easy to diagnose: if it hurts, you’ve probably injured it.

What are the most common Achilles injuries?
The two most common injuries to the Achilles tendon are Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendon rupture.

Achilles tendonitis happens when the tendon becomes swollen and can feel grainy to the touch. This grainy feeling is a result of small tears in the tendon known as micro tears. These micro tears can be seen on an ultrasound scan. What you feel can range from pain around the tendon, or pain in the whole heel bone.

In the worst case scenario, the tendon can tear completely. When that happens, it’s known as a tendon rupture. When a tendon tears, you will hear a popping sound. Full tendon ruptures are rare, but partial tears are more common. When a full rupture happens, the calf muscle is no longer attached to the heel.

A full rupture is not painful. At this point, all the damage is done. But, a full rupture will not let you walk or stand without help. You won’t be able to move your foot at all. You will need use either crutches or a wheel chair to get from place to place.

The damage caused to an Achilles tendon is permanent and can’t be reversed. A damaged Achilles tendon never regains it’s original strength after, even with surgery.

How can you treat an Achilles injury?
Treatment options for an Achilles injury are meant to stop further damage to the tendon. The common treatment for an Achilles injury is pain medications and physical therapy. Using Achilles braces will help to heal your injury faster too.

The only treatment for a full tendon rupture is surgery to reattach it to the heel bone. This is followed by months of therapy afterward. You may need to wear braces for the rest of your life if this happens.

Achilles braces are used to prevent an Achilles tendon injury or heel pain. They work by steadying the heel cord. There is a wide variety of Achilles braces which range from light support to immobilizing devices.

A complete immobilizing device keeps you from pointing or pulling your foot back. It wraps around most of the foot and lower leg. An example of an immobilizing device is a walking cast.

Luckily, Achilles braces are very comfy and can be worn all day. They can look like a pair of toeless socks or an ankle strap with a band that goes under the heel. Doctors advise buying Achilles braces which has a built-in heel cup or a heel strap.

This helps keep the brace in place if you plan on walking a lot. There are special Achilles braces which can be worn at night while you sleep. These kinds of braces are known as night splints.

The Achilles tendon heals very slowly. It takes an injured tendon two to three months to heal. A full recovery can take up to half a year or even longer. Since the tendon is located in a place which sees a lot of movement, it’s very likely it can be injured again. This is the reason why it’s very important to use Achilles braces until the elbow is healed to prevent your injury from becoming even worse.

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