Why You Should Use Shoulder Braces & How to Choose the Right One?

shoulder braces

Shoulder pain can have many different causes. You could hurt your shoulder playing sports like swimming, baseball, and tennis. Your shoulders can also hurt due to everyday wear and tear from things like gardening or house cleaning.

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What are shoulder injuries?
Shoulder injuries happen when the muscles, tendons, or ligaments in the shoulder are damaged. Dislocation, separation and rotator cuff injuries are the most common types of shoulder injuries.

Broken bones are also a cause of shoulder pain. Your pain may be caused by a fractured collarbone or upper arm bone.

Why use shoulder braces?
Shoulder braces can be helpful if you have shoulder pain. The type of brace you need will depend on your injury.

Some shoulder braces support the clavicle (collarbone) and shoulder area. These braces help to keep the collarbone and shoulder area in place.

These shoulder braces allow you to move normally while keeping the bones and muscles in the correct position. This helps with the healing process. These braces are often used after a shoulder injury.

Other shoulder braces called shoulder immobilizers work to keep the shoulder from moving at all. If you have had surgery or a major injury you may need this type of brace.

What should I look for in a shoulder brace?
When you are looking for shoulder braces you will need to choose the right brace level. Shoulder braces come in levels 1 through 4. How do you know which level you need?

A level 1 brace will give you basic protection. A level 4 brace will give you the highest level of protection.

You might use a level 1 brace for compression and a low level of support. You would choose a level 4 brace to get a very high level of support. Level 4 shoulder braces also have many different adjustments that will make the brace more comfortable to wear.

Shoulder braces are made of many different kinds of materials like neoprene and elastic. The higher levels may also have supports made out of metal or carbon fiber.

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Check out this video on shoulder braces and how to wear them:

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